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The material of the website is requested not to be used by the third-parties for any direct or indirect purpose which could be marketing, sales, promotion, telemarketing, email marketing, solicitation, etc.

Accounts & Membership

As you create your account on our website, you are requested to provide true & reliable information. You are fully responsible to hold the security of your information and the authenticity too. Providing false information of any kind will be a result of the termination of your account immediately. If there is anything that you find uncommon, related to the unauthorized use of your account, or unusual suspicious activity, you are directed to inform us, so we take the utmost critical step to the earliest.

We do not hold the position to stand liable for any omission of your personal information, that you have done, including any sort of damage incurred as a result of the information omitted. We may, without any prior notice suspend, deactivate or delete your account if we find that you have violated any of the provision, agreement mentioned on our website. Also, that may harm the reputation and goodwill of the website. If we delete your account for the above-mentioned reason, you may not hold a chance to re-open your account.

We may block your email id in many cases, that we found has violated our rights!

Other Website Linking

Although this website may have a third-party website linked, we are in no way endorsing, promoting, sponsoring, affiliating with any of the linked websites, directly or indirectly. We are not responsible to examine or either make an evaluation of the website we’ve mentioned.

We do not stand in charge of any product, action, offering, or content of third parties whatsoever. If you are of legal age, it is your responsibility to go through the website and carefully review the legal statement along with the conditions mentioned on their site. Your linking to any other website, other than us is your sole responsibility.

Automated Activities

It is your responsibility not to use any automated information script, and submit it in any form or database while creating an account or database on our website. Information on our website is automated and keeps on updating without any prior notice. We are a license and legally holding the position to change, modify, update the content on our website on a real-time basis.


1ViewAnaltics makes efforts and try to ensure the credibility and accuracy of the website is well maintained. Every portion of the website presented and the content is benchmarked with accuracy. 1ViewAnalytics cautions the user however, because of the circumstance, changes in the law, regulations, court decisions, differences can cause certain complications. As our website is in connection with the advertiser, consumer, developer, publisher, market agency, reseller & other parties.

No Warranty

1ViewAnalytics makes no representation regarding availability & the performance of its website. You are hereby acknowledged that any use or reliance on the website shall be deemed at your own risk. The website along with the material provided comes without any WARRANTIES or representation of any kind.


1ViewAnalytics reserves the right to revise, modify, update any material on the website, the features, specification, or material without any given notice.

1ViewAnalytics reserves the right to make an investigation on the complaint, report a violation of the terms & conditions specified here are not followed & report suspicious activities, unlawful steps, or third party’s disclosure of any unnecessary information. 1ViewAnalytics reserves the right to seek direct support of the law against any violation. The terms of use shall be constructed and governed in accordance with the law applicable of the state without giving any effect that conflict the principles.

The Terms of Use constitute an agreement that respects your access, privacy, & use of the website. Together under any terms, it is your responsibility to practice fairness & truthfulness while seeking service & disclosing information.